36 x 24 in. (91.5 x 61 cm)
oil on wood

Artist statement:

“If no one catches you looking, does that make it okay?”

This is a question I ask upon reflecting on an issue related to the #MeToo movement on the local art scene; An established Filipino artist was accused of attempted rape. The news came to me through private messages and it seemed much like an open secret – a lot of people knew about it and but only discussed it in whispers.

This makes a perfect metaphor for sexual misconduct on ALL fields and it’s despicable how we accept that as a norm, when in fact, it shouldn’t be. The silence enables this behavior and prevents the victims from speaking out.

This does not excuse friends and colleagues from being called out. Keeping silent and all the more defending this behaviour makes you compliant to it. Sexual misconduct should never be tolerated.

I entitled this piece Dandelion to relate to the impulse people get upon seeing dandelions – to blow the seeds off when no one is given the right to

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