36 x 30 in
Oil on wood


Group exhibit
Lower gallery, METRO Gallery
San Juan, Manila

Seven artists show the side effects of solitude
The Internet has turned privacy into porn. Everyone wants a piece of it public, loved and shared like a virus. Violent and brutal, social media rapes our sense of self, slowly undressing us within without permission, as it imposes distorted ideas of what it means to be human. Urban escapism has become a diamond­coated pill, a drug we crave to lull the humdrum of our skewed reality. It’s a bag of sedative pushed in the dark alleys and forgotten gutters of our youth. We buy it to bring back the mystery and innocence
that used to protect us from the ever prejudiced world. Most of us are hooked because it gives us the anonymity we lust. For seven Filipino artists, elusion is what they swallow to get lost in the enigmatic beauty of solitude and find who they are.
In the upcoming group show Recluse at Metro Gallery on March 29, 2016,these artists expose the side effects in different art forms.

Words by Czyka Tumaliuan