Series: Samsara

48 x 36 in (122 x 91 cm)
Oil and ink on wood

48 x 36 in (122 x 91 cm)
Oil on wood

36 x 48 in (91 x 122 cm)
Oil on wood



Two-person show by Mek Yambao and Ku Romillo
Lower gallery, Metro Gallery
San Juan, Manila
January 2017

“Since I have been born in this defiled world
I will follow the other buddhas
and expound what they have expounded…”
–The Lotus Sutra

Sakyamuni, the Buddha, spoke of Four Noble Truths when he turned the Dharma wheel for the first time: the truth of the existence of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path to the cessation of suffering. In Buddhist cosmology, it is believed that we are all trapped in an endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth into a world of suffering and pain. This cycle is known as Samsara (or Rinne).

Because of the present state of our world, the suffering of people is tremendous. There is war, famine, corruption, pollution, disease, addiction, materialism, and animosity. These are often overlooked if not wrongfully addressed by those who are indifferent to the pains of others. These oversights take root within a culture of apathy – acquired or developed from material greed and selfishness. We tend to be blinded by the gold and glitter, by fame and glory, by advertisements and social media, by our sentimentalities and worldly affairs. There are too few people that seek to benefit all beings rather than just themselves, and too many that propagate negativity, ignorance, and interpersonal afflictions.

Mek Yambao and Ku Romillo, with RH Xanders are three purposeful artists expounding and translating the realms of Samsara by means of painterly fluency and auditory eloquence in the hopes of opening the eyes and ears of those within their spheres of influence and perhaps even inspire empathy, understanding, and yearning for the end of all suffering.

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