Secret Garden: Birds and Bees (triptych)

Oil and ink on wood
12 x 12 in. ea. (triptych)
March 2013

BirdsandBees 1 rsze

BirdsandBees 2 rsze

BirdsandBees 3 rsze

Artist statement:

“I’m highly interested in discovering the self and the multiverse. The artworks I create give me a glimpse of my unconscious mind, it serves as a visual interpreter. With Secret Garden, it gave me the opportunity to share my obscured thoughts and feelings and relate with other people’s Secret Gardens. But exposing secrets, especially in its’ lewd nature, feels like opening up to vulnerability. Thus I portrayed the “Birds and Bees”, both in it’s literal and conceptual sense. Though being vulnerable is not generally a bad thing, it is still created as a most honest confession and self-discovery.”



For exhibit entitled “Secret Garden” (March 2013), group show, in CANVAS Garden and Gallery, curated by J Pacena II.

Exhibition Overview:

We live in a society where we are encouraged to share everything… our greatest fears, our sad affairs, our most cherished hopes, dreams and aspirations.

There is a place, fortunately, where we can shut the door. Breathe. Pause. Keep everything to ourselves.

A personal sanctuary. A mirror whose reflection is revealed to no one else but ourselves.

This is our SECRET GARDEN.


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