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Throughout my childhood, I spent a lot of time thinking that I was a changeling, some sort of an otherkin since I rarely blend in. I secluded myself in imaginative worlds and altered states of dream that I explored with art and continue to.

Creating art is my way of making sense to the distinction of these dimensions; trying to make sense to being, challenging perceived reality and calling to question what is. As words are not my medium, the artworks serve as a catalyst to create a collective narrative through different interpretations. They examine the psyche and multiverse through painting media, commonly with intersecting surreal automatic ink drawings.

During research and production, new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work. These are heavily influenced by nature, introspection, and illusions. I take this as an opportunity to resonate singularity and an active advocacy against rape culture while also promoting environmental and animal protection.

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Mek Yambao (°1989) lives and works in Manila, Philippines. She earned a bachelor’s degree in painting from University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design in Manila. Her works are oil paintings that are predominantly intersected with surreal automatic drawings on wood; this is in consideration of having a compatible acidity level with paints, and also reinforcing the natural element in her pieces. Themes of nature, introspection, multiverse, and feminism are central to her work. Further developing her art, she is expanding her media across painting and installation.

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